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Due to the high demand of Bio-D Mulsion Forte & Bio-DK Mulsion products, the product available at this time and what is being replaced,  is Bio-D Mulsion. View dosage recommendations below. 

  • Bio D Mulsion : 5-10 drops

  • Bio D Mulsion Forte: 1-2 drops

  • Bio DK Mulsion: 2-4 drops

  • What if we told you there was a magic elixir?

    A potent liquid to jumpstart your day, your weight loss, and your journey to ultimate health? You might think we were crazy and trying to sell you snake oil. But take a minute to check out this fantastic drink.

    There is real science behind our NDK (Nutrient Dense Keto) Koffee. It starts with good quality coffee of your choice. Get the coffee anywhere that works for you, and we have the kit to transform it into the magic elixir.

    We have helped thousands of people get started on a high-quality NDK Lifestyle, and we know some of the challenges you might face. Our NDK Koffee Kit is designed to help you overcome those.

    Learn what we put in our NDK Coffee

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