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He is a business trainer, author of national articles on trucking and finance, small fleet owner, tax preparer, and radio host of Trucking Business & Beyond. He started his career as an owner-operator 30 years ago, running a one-truck operation with the sophistication of a much larger fleet of trucks. Over the years, his experience has evolved into a comprehensive slate of professional skills including operations, logistics, accounting, financial planning, driver recruiting, information technology systems, fuel efficiency and preventative maintenance. Let us not forget about his newest endeavor of becoming an NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner).

Kevin’s contributions to Overdrive Magazine, FreightWaves, Over The Road, Driving Force, Big Rig Owner, Pro Trucker and the widely recognized Randall-Reilly Publishing’s “Partners In Business” series showcase Kevin’s cutting edge grasp of the owner-operator success equation.

He has authored several books on how to be successful as an owner-operator and has given seminars to thousands of owner-operators, drivers, and fleet executives in the U.S. and Canada. He has also prepared thousands of federal and state tax returns for owner-operators and company drivers. Kevin was also a member of the Florida Trucking Association “Road Team”.

Currently, Kevin hosts Trucking Business & Beyond on SiriusXM / Road Dog Trucking. Kevin’s down-to-earth ability to communicate to the professional driver with knowledge, experience, and statistics, makes the show the only one of its kind dedicated to the success of the American professional driver.

“I have the opportunity to speak with owner-operators across the country to discuss all aspects of the trucking business, including challenges they face and the technology that can help make their trucks run more efficiently.”

- Kevin Rutherford

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