Bio-K Forte Caps


  • 60 CAPS

    Vitamin K is really two separate nutrients, very similar in structure and functions, while still having their unique roles in the body. These are known as Vitamin K1 and K2, and K2 even exists within its own complex of several forms. BIotics uses the MK-7 form of vitamin K2 in this blend of the Vitamin K complex, which research shows has the most profound benefit both from lifespan inside the body, as well as its benefit for bone, cardiovascular, immune and hormonal health. Vitamin K can also help shuttle glucose in the blood into the stored version, glycogen.

    Vitamin K is best taken alongside Vitamin D3, so be sure to grab one of our bottles from the Bio-D Mulsion product line!

    Product Warnings: CAUTION: Those taking blood thinners should avoid supplementation with Vitamin K unless specifically recommended and monitored by their physician. Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid supplemental intakes higher than the RDI (90 mcg) unless specifically recommended and monitored by their physician.

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