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Brake Safe - 3 Axle kit for Trucks

Brake Safe

  • ORDER PER TRUCK (Kit covers 3 axles)

    A visual indicator of brake stroke travel for trucks

    Eliminate your exposure
    Out-of-adjustment air brakes are the #1 infraction found during D.O.T. inspections, and the #1 reason cited for out-of-service orders. The Brake Safe eliminates this exposure.

    Brake Safe will also diagnose:

    • Non-activating brake chamber
    • Chamber that has failed to release
    • Weak or broken parking brake spring
    • Defective or incorrectly set up slack adjuster

    Arrow Logger UPGRADE
    Makes Brake Safe's monitoring brake adjustment status available to drivers anytime, anywhere. The Arrow Pointer indicates the furthest point of brake stroke travel and whether the brakes are in or out of adjustment.

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