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NDK Firefighters Kit / Anti-Inflammation Protocol

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  • Due to the high demand of Bio-D Mulsion Forte & Bio-DK Mulsion products, the product available at this time and what is being replaced,  is Bio-D Mulsion. View dosage recommendations below. 

    • Bio D Mulsion : 10 drops

    • Bio D Mulsion Forte: 2 drops

    • Bio DK Mulsion: 5 drops

    Inflammation may be one of the biggest issues we see in this epidemic of chronic health issues, only matched by blood sugar issues. From aching joints to severe skin conditions, headaches to heart disease, inflammation is a huge player in so many issues. Thats why we have put together the ultimate, science backed, anti inflammatory kit!

    BERBERINE: may be one of the single most beneficial nutrients for our tribe here at Destination Health. It has been scientifically shown to help balance blood sugar, boost immune function, reduce inflammation, improve gut health, lower blood pressure, fight against Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), improve heart health and more! In some studies, its been used in comparison to Metformin for diabetes management with BETTER results and none of the possible side effects.

    BIO-D MULSION FORTE: is our vitamin D supplement. This easy to use nutrient, may be one of the most important compounds in our body. Some researchers even believe that its more of a hormone than a vitamin due to how it interacts in the body and how important its proper status is. Biotics Research has emulsified this nutrient in order to drastically improve the body’s ability to properly digest and absorb it, making this a much more efficient supplement. Vitamin D, often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, because our body is able to produce it from safe sun exposure, helps support heart health, immune function, lower inflammation, reduce risk of cancer and auto immune disease, support hormone health and on and on!

    BIO-DK MULSION: is an amazing blend of vitamins D and K2, nutrients required in proper calcium balance. Improper calcium utilization is part of protecting the kidneys, by way of reducing risk of kidney stones. Take 5 drops per day with food.

    CURCUMIN: is the star ingredient in CurcumRx. Curcumin has been long used for loads of benefits such as lowering joint pain, lessening irritable bowel symptoms, improving brain. function, heart health, fighting diabetes and even reducing cancer risk. As you may have noticed, these compounds are beginning to form a nice relationship of their benefits and why we have put them together into this one protocol and kit, bringing you the ultimate package for fighting inflammatory issues.

    BIOMEGA 1000: is our highly prized fish oil. Biotics Research has put in a lot of effort to bring the highest possible quality fish oil to the market here in the United States. They have been approved by many of the highest certifying agencies for fish oils, to insure not only its sourcing, but the safety and high quality of the very sensitive omega 3 fats. Omega 3 fats are something nearly every person is deficient in and could benefit from. It is the main anti inflammatory fat in our body, improves lipid levels (cholesterol), protects the brain and improves memory, helps to balance blood sugar and improve liver function.

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