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Zonulin Test

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  • Elevated levels of Zonulin can lead to:

    • Autoimmune disease
    • Type I Diabetes
    • Celiac Disease
    • Among other diseases


  • Measuring Zonulin can help assess a leaky gut. If Zonulin can be measured in a patient's blood, there is evidence of tissue damage. If Zonulin is present there is more than 95% confidence that there is a loss in intestinal function.

    What is a LEAKY GUT?
    • Having a leaky gut means the functions of the intestinal barriers have stopped working properly
    • The intestinal lining is essentially a wall of tightly joined cells that open and close when necessary
    • Zonulin remotely controls the opening of tight junctions between cells
    • If too much Zonulin is produced, the tight junctions remain open

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