What you can expect from Gauges
An easy and efficient solution to business accounting and fuel mileage tracking for owner operators. Be sure to watch our free videos talking about bookkeeping for truck drivers and fuel mileage. Click below for the movies.
Kevin Rutherford takes you step by step through ProfitGauges explaining how ProfitGauges is the #1 accounting program for owner operators.
Gauges community
Learn and share your knowledge about fuel mileage. Check out the most popular and most active trucks. Filter your truck search down to the size of tires, axle ratio and more.
Easy fuel-up recording
The first step to improving your fuel mileage is by tracking it tank by tank. FuelGauges takes the headache out of partials and missed fuel-ups so you can focus on improvement.
Maintenance tracking
Be proactive with your truck’s maintenance. By adding your maintenance, modifications and repairs to FuelGauges you’ll be prepared to catch costly repairs before they are required.
At a quick glance
One page is all you need. At a glance you’ll know everything you need to know about your fuel mileage to make informed business decisions.
Fuel mileage graphing
Overlay different fuel mileage variables to better understand what affects your fuel averages. With a simple click you’ll be able to see how your speed affects your mileage.
Once a month expenses
Bookkeeping has never been so easy. We’ve cut out the entries that do not matter but that other programs require. Truly the easiest accounting / bookkeeping system for owner operators and trucks drivers like yourself.
The 2 minute settlement
Personalize the categories of your settlement for faster entry. Easily balance and understand your settlements.
Business overview
At a glance know exactly how your business is doing. View the previous 3 months of profit per mile (ppm) for a better look at your current operation.
Business report
Understanding and using your business report every month will make your business more successful and profitable.
What you’ll learn
You’ll learn how your total income, expenses and miles translates into “per mile” and “% of revenue”, as well as using those numbers to increase profitability.
Profit & Loss
If you need to apply for a loan or financing this is the report that banks will want to see. Having this report accurate and up to date will greatly increase your chances of getting financing as well as securing a lower interest rate.
Year end tax report
This report makes tax time a breeze. A simple one page report that includes all of the information needed to complete the Schedule C on your tax return.
Helping your accountant
We show the total overnights, per diem rate, and deductible %. Also the correct depreciation schedule for the highway tractor and trailer.