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Questions from the Road

Mechanical: Puff of black smoke on start up

Have a puff of black smoke on start up. The engine is a DD 12.7, 2003 create engine with 540,000 miles on it. The oil samples are excellent even when I sample at 1 gal low, at 5k miles. But they should be since I have to put 1 gal in every 5,000 miles.

Has anybody had the same problem?

Does anyone have an idea of whats whats wrong?

Tires: How many pairs of Auto Socks should I carry?

I just purchased a pair of Auto Socks. I rarely go to CO, but live in DFW area, and occasionally run into icy parking lots. If weather looks good into CO and the money's right, I want the option to take the run. Also I'll run AZ, NV, NE, IA, but if the roads are icy I park it.

I've seen different regulations stating that if you are pulling a trailer with brakes, you have to have a pair on one axle. Another regulation said "on four wheel drive vehicles...all four driven wheels must be chained."

However, on a tractor only two of the 4 wheels are powered with the axle locked.

The best price I could find was $221 shipped, so I hate to buy another pair if it's not really needed.


⟐ Edited October 16, 2014 at 8:34 pm -0700

ProfitGauges: How can I delete profit gauges info?

How can I delete all info in profit gauges and start over?

ProfitGauges: Where do I enter an expense for a credit check?

I have a fee for using a credit check company, Ansonia Credit Data, but when I tried to add it to Accounting or Office, it gave me the 'Failed to add expense category', or whatever that warning is.....where should this expense go? This is a service to check another company's credit worthiness, for load purposes, not a bank credit check for me.


Pre purchase inspection: Good shop in Jacksonville FL for pre purchase inspection.

I'm purchasing a truck from Kenworth of Jacksonville and need a good shop to get it looked at before I hand over the cash. Thanks for the help!


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