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Questions from the Road

CB: Anyone know where splitter box for cb and am/fm is located?

I have 01 Freightliner Century looking for the box where coax cables connect to then run to radio's ..

Freight: Rate/mile masters/ Pod cast/ Freight rates and lanes

I feel a little silly asking this because I'm behind the times when it comes to technology. What is the group that does the pod cast on freight lanes and rates? What exactly is a pod cast? How can I listen to the pod cast on freight rates and lanes. Thank you for the help.

Book Review: When does Kevins Fuel Mileage book come out?

Does anyone have any information on Kevins Fuel Mileage book? I have not heard anything about it lately. I'm really looking forward to getting it and reading about all the fuel mileage tips. I thought I heard Kevin say it would be out shortly after the Louisville truck show. Did I miss it? Is it already out?

Air Conditioning: Is there a control or sensor for bunk AC 01 freightliner?

The bunk heater/ac unit is stuck in full hot all I see in the space is a electric valve inline to the heater core.. Also appears to have what I believe is blower resistor and possibly a temp sensor.. Has anyone dealt with this type of problem ? There is no door to switch hot to cold like on other units.


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