Stop Holding the Steering Wheel and Start Driving Your Business (SHTSW)

Let's Truck

Included in the program

  • 4 Audio CD's
  • Workbook
  • 2 DVD set

Are you willing to put in the hard work?

A comprehensive program that will help you become successful as an owner operator.

Let's Truck Audio Book Program Stop Holding the Steering Wheel and Start Driving Your Business

Disk 1

  • Chapter 1 Do You Really Want to Be an Owner-Operator?
  • Chapter 2 How Much Money Do You Need to Get Started?
  • Chapter 3 What About Taxes, Health Insurance, Retirement, Etc.?

Disk 2

  • Chapter 4 The Stuff You Have to Get Done (But Probably Hate to Do)
  • Chapter 5 Creating Your Plan
  • Chapter 6 Who's Your Partner?

Disk 3

  • Chapter 7 The Hunt for the Money Truck

Disk 4

  • Chapter 8 Three Things You Need to Focus on
  • Chapter 9 If it Ain't Broke, You Still Need to Fix It
  • Chapter 10 Building a Winning Team


About the Author

Drawing on more than 25 years of industry knowledge, author Kevin Rutherford provides potential trucking entrepreneurs with all of the necessary information to engage in a successful owner-operator business. From the basics of bookkeeping, to finding a reliable carrier, Stop Holding the Steering Wheel systematically identifies the challenges and processes that owner-operators experience.

Having created his own thriving trucking business, Rutherford knows the best methods for achieving success in trucking industry. He has shared his expertise on satellite radio since 2004, but now his experience and knowledge is available for all potential owner-operators through this book. Readers will develop a deeper understanding for how the industry works, how to achieve personal profit and success, and how to approach the business from an objective, systematic method-based approach that has worked for many others.

Ask Yourself

Are you a driver who wants to take control of your own destiny?

Do you want the freedom to make choices that affect you and your loved ones every day?

Do you want to have control over what truck you drive, where you drive, what kind of trailer you pull, when and how you do your job, and the kind of freight you haul, among other things?

Course of Action DVD Set

3 hours of personal training by America's top expert on trucking

Let's Truck DVD Set Course of Action

What is the secret to success?

For the first time on video, Kevin Rutherford shares his proven advice on how to run a successful trucking business. In this landmark 2 DVD set, Kevin reveals the secrets to a successful business, taking the plunge to owner/operator, finding and negotiating for a new truck, and managing your money once you earn it.

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